"Grow Yourself Complete"


The opportunity to learn is always present.  When we are aware of it, man, it can be pretty loud and sometimes harsh.  Even when we are not aware, it can be pretty harsh.

I have many opportunities to learn to allow what is and to live ‘as it is’ from the truth of who and what I am.

This is my recurrent theme to learning.

This is what works best for me.

To be in the moment, know the truth of the moment for me (and sometimes for others), accept it and allow love and ease into it.

I am learning that my two favorite things to carry are love and peace.  I am most fulfilled in life when I allow love and peace within.

I seem to have very little energy for anything outside of this.  What is not in my control is anything outside of myself.  What is in my control is always how I react to whatever is.

I can choose fear whenever I want.  Fear seems to be an easy connection for me.  I’d rather choose love.  Love is starting to win.  Choosing love over fear is starting to dominate and come up as my first choice.

It feels so much more comfortable to allow love and non-judgment than love and thinking what I know what is best for another.

Many times, I don’t know what is best for me outside of love and peace.

I don’t think we are on this earth to know what is best for another.  I believe we are on this earth to connect to and live what is best for ourselves.

This is where I find my love and peace.

May you know where you find your love and peace.  May you be open to it always.