"Grow Yourself Complete"

Energy You

When I see people, I feel their energy.

When I saw this picture below, I thought this is what people look like to me.

I can, mostly, see below (or is it above) the human ‘mess’ that we all can experience.

Before or after we experience being a human ‘mess’… this is what we are..

Even during being a human ‘mess’, this is what we are.

Really, and perhaps, it is not a human ‘mess’ — it is only being human.  We are learning, growing, walking the unknown.  This, just maybe, is exactly what we are supposed to be doing and experiencing.

Deep in our inner knowing, our breath and our being here on this earth, there is this…   for me.

I believe it is there for you too.  We only have to want it and choose it.

Shine on through and from all of your colors.  Live from the knowing of what makes you you.  You are a gift.  You are here to do, be, live and breathe just as only you can.  This is the only thing needed from you.

You are a miracle.

May you get your You on..  !!

   Picture Unknown