"Grow Yourself Complete"

What’s Happening

There is change.  There is big change in the way of living and the things people are doing….   Yes, there is ‘sameness’; we can find it and hold onto it.  And, there is change.

If you are ‘going through difficulty’ or feel that you are or think that you are…. My hope is that it turns out to be good change.  While it may not feel good today, my hope is tomorrow that you will see and discover that what you are feeling today is driving you forward to create a better tomorrow.  Your better tomorrow.

What you feel today you feel for real reason(s).  It is your self responding to what it knows, what it sees and how it responds to same.

Maybe, just maybe, you can try embracing these ‘difficult’ feelings and allowing them to process through you.  Perhaps, these feelings are gifts to put you on the most positive path – your most positive path – going forward.

You are not choosing to feel these feelings ‘just because’.  You are feeling these feelings in response to who you are, what you know and what is going on in your immediate life.

“Sometimes when it feels like our world is falling apart, it really is falling into place.”  Unknown

Just maybe this is what is happening to you.

Go with the flow of what you feel and know.   Allow the timing of what shows itself to you to be okay.  Accept the timing; the flow; the feelings; the change; the unknown.   Accept it all knowing that you will respond in your best light and truth and you will be and are okay through it all.

We certainly do enjoy being ‘high’ on life and fun and fulfilled in things.  We accept them as easy.  Is it that we were taught to fight what doesn’t feel wonderful, fun and/or fulfilling…  Were we sanctioned to judge it all as either good or bad.

Just what if it was all really good and we were all just living through our experience of life that is meant for us and for no one else.   What if we believed the big picture – once all said and done – is perfectly drawn and put together with all the ‘ups and downs’ included in the perfect time and in the perfect way.

Perhaps, we can just try for today to ride them all out.  One thing may feel better than another but isn’t this the human having an human experience…

I don’t know.  I do know that you are worth it and I am worth it and we are all worth it to try it out and learn to come from peace within no matter what life offers us.

I know this is possible because I have experienced peace in the chaos; peace in the pain; peace in the heartache.

I have also experienced ‘there is no freaking way that I can be okay with that’…   Human, yep, I am human…

So, we happen to do our best in each moment.  May I offer to have your thoughts focus on where your body is at.  Be in the now; the present.  Be as gentle and giving as possible.   Honor what you feel and your experiences.

We walk on and forward.  When we come from our truth within and bring it without to each and every experience and situation that we find ourselves in, we create the most honest experience and creation that we know how and are capable of in the moment.   This is enough.

You are enough.  You matter.  I support you in knowing and believing same.  My hope is that you will do so gently, lovingly and honestly for yourself and for others.

Changing times.  Changing places.  Changing beliefs.  Changing skies over our head and the ground under our feet.

This is what most of us are experiencing just now.

May you let YOU happen and allow yourself to experience your life from the most loving place inside of yourself.

Then, you will really be ‘happening’!   Hoot!