"Grow Yourself Complete"

Uh Oh

I just purchased a new computer and to transfer everything that I work with from the old one to the new one is quite the endeavor.  Yikes.

One step at a time.  One program at a time.  One keystroke at a time.

It, perhaps, can be related to creating new thoughts in our minds and letting go of our old thoughts.  We have to cross out the old thoughts that are hurtful and unhelpful and enhance the new thoughts; create them and learn to let them become habit.  To new thoughts that bring us peace and bring our life into the best it can be.

It is not easy.   It is not impossible.  It is one thought; one program; one subject at a time.

And, both are so worth it.  Everything eventually starts working more smoothly and more powerfully.  It creates an easier world for us to get our stuff done; to enjoy/to be/to do.

There are often glitches in between.   There is some downtime that we have to allow for and there is a learning curve and a process to live our best from where we were to where we want to be in each moment.

May you allow however and whatever it takes to change from the old way of being to the new way of doing.

You are worth it.   You are possible.  You matter.  You can meet yourself where you are at.  Allow the flutters, the thrills, the challenges process through what it is you know, feel, do and are.

May you be open to your best self.  I’m cheering you on.


I do not have my pictures downloaded yet so this post will go without a photo as I meet my life where I am at…   Ha!