"Grow Yourself Complete"

T I R E D. Need.

There is a lovely rain coming down from the grey sky.  The leaves are jumping when the rain drops hit them.  The sound is making me sleepy.  The darkness makes my body feel heavier.

I am feeling uncomfortable, tired, and just yucky and not wanting to feel this way is like a war; a war inside of myself.  I do not like wars.

We need to be our human self; our human being; our human doing.   It is best when we allow this to be so.

How does one know what one needs to know when one doesn’t know…  I find myself feeling stuck.

Just do it.  Just do it comes to mind.

May my body listen and I find myself just doing it and knowing what it is as soon as I see, feel, become aware of and just know it.  May it be awesome.

May your body listen and you find yourself just doing what you kind of/sort of know you are supposed to be doing, especially because you want to do it.  May it be awesome. 

If you find yourself stuck – just maybe ‘stuck’ is where you are supposed to be.  Just know that it won’t last.  For most of us, it does not.  For all of us, time changes almost everything.  The amount of time may be different but eventually we are all changed.   Be caring, open, truthful and reasonable.  Be love.

Is my life the life of being sad, happy, up, down, fulfilled, uncertain…

I say it is probably all of these things.  We cycle.  We recycle.  We create anew.  This is life.  Knowing this, believing this, allowing this gives me some comfort in knowing that, just maybe, my body, mind and soul have me exactly where I am supposed to be;..  for now.

Perhaps, your mind, body and soul have you exactly where you are supposed to be;… for now.

Embrace and love yourself through.   I embrace and love myself through.   Amen.

We will know and do when we are supposed to know and do…  Just what if this is the true way of life instead of accumulating, gathering, striving.  Just what if it is allowing, embracing and loving…

I think throughout our lifetime, we probably hit most of these above things.  What if where you are right now is one of the greatest ‘home runs’ you will ever experience and/or live through.  It is still living.  It is still life.  It is still you.  Love is still an option.

May you choose love as often as possible.  Choose your truth and follow it through to a more sun-shiny kind of time if just now is kind of a ‘grey’ time for you also.

Live without the war inside of you.   May you live without war.

As I finish this, the sun is peaking through…

  Da sky after da storm