"Grow Yourself Complete"


As I awaken this morning, I find myself bending to reach my toes.  I don’t reach down fast and easy.  I don’t get there without any discomfort and pulling.  And, I do get there!  Ha.

I stay there for a while.  I breathe.  I relax.  I let go and I reach.  I make it to where my hand is on the floor.  I bend one knee at a time for a deeper stretch.  I breathe.  I hang.

Oh, does this feel good!

I feel more open, taller and happier just from a small toe touch.

It is a rainy morning; a lovely rainy morning.  I like waking up to the sound of rain and the darkness it provides.  It seems to caress my wholeness and, if I let it, encourage my calm.

Today is Friday – another reason I can find myself happy.  The weeks are flying by and I still appreciate the ease and leisure of a weekend.  It is nice to not have to concern myself with the time; with schedules of any kind.  It is nice to focus on down time and healing time…  Family time…

May you know what you and your body need and want and may you give yourself permission to experience it and let it happen.

May you create your happy from the simplest of things.

Have a weekend full of simple things that you choose for you; from openness, love and ease.  No matter what you choose to do, I wish you love doing it.  Don’t stretch yourself thin, stretch yourself harmoniously; as ‘harmoniously’ as possible.  Ha!

For those of you that work on weekends, thank you.  Our differences are what makes the ‘world go round’.   And, may you enjoy your down time when you get to it…