"Grow Yourself Complete"


I have learned to pay attention to signs.

Silly signs, natural (nature) signs, noise signs, color signs, number signs – connecting what is outside of myself to what is inside of me.

I have been feeling ‘stuck’.

Hence, stuck signs… (ha!)  All from the past two days.  for information purposes only


I am reading a book called “Running on Emptyby Jonice Webb.  A partial line that I read was “…health professional trying to help “stuck” patients, this book will provide concrete solutions for invisible wounds.” 



From Janet Straightarrow; Be the Medicine on Facebook

“With Mars going direct tonight we will be able to make clear choices, and it will be easier to move ahead.  Mars the planet of action has been retrograde since April 17, it was a time of waiting, reviewing and reconsidering options.  Now we will decide anew with confidence.  InJoy!”


From Neale Donald Walsch

“You have only just begun to discover your magnificence.  This period of your life marks a New Beginning.  You can feel it.  And you have only just begun to know the treasure and the glory of You.”




“Whatever you are physically male or female, strong or weak, ill or healthy, all those things matter less then what your heart contains.  If you have the soul of a warrior, you are a warrior.  All those other things, they are the glass that contains the lamp, but you are the light inside.”  Cassandra Clare on Carolyn Jayne’s Facebook page



From Awaken Psychometry Readings on Facebook (This post was a ‘pick your card and get your message kind of post)

You are beginning to realize and appreciate that it is safe to feel powerful.  You have the universe on your side.   You are becoming more empowered and noticing that no one is more powerful than you.  You are a spiritually minded being so it is impossible for you to misuse or abuse your power.    As a light worker you are being called upon to play your part in creating positive change in this world.  You are being called upon to raise your self esteem and release any fears you may have about expressing your power.  … “

“Affirmation:  It is safe for me to be powerful.”


May you look for ‘signs’ and things that catch your eye, mind and/or heart and choose to connect and grow from within without.


   Picture Unknown from Lisa Colburn’s Facebook page