"Grow Yourself Complete"


The English language is very interesting.  It doesn’t always make sense and it can be challenging and nonsensical just like life. Rain is water coming out of the sky.  Reign is to reign over a congregation or a community or a thing; “dominate power or influence”.  Rein is to rein in the kids; pull on the reins so the horse stops; “curb, restrain, control”.  (The words in quotation marks are taken from Dictionary.com.)

I am learning that I can very easily (if I allow myself) reign over my life.  I can choose peace pretty much whenever I want to.  I can choose the kind thoughts over the mean thoughts.  I can choose the compassionate love within myself through the sad feelings I experience.  I can choose to send love and not to worry.

I love the summer rain in Florida, USA.  It feels very alive and lively.  It is a relaxing day for me when it rains.  I find myself happy when I wake up to rain.  It is a beautiful dance on the trees, the ponds and the pools.  It seems to liven the ocean.  It is very welcome here to me.

I can rein in my feelings.  Allow them to be, but do not allow them to be dramatic, long lasting or so charged with energy that I lose myself in them.

I am learning that things that feel wrong, perhaps, don’t need to always be fixed.  Perhaps, they really aren’t broken.  Perhaps, it is just the way it is.  I can question what is the good side of what I am experiencing.  I can choose to focus on this; be peace and not have to want to change things up but gladly change the way I react, see, know, or think about them.  This is an interesting power that, I believe, we all have; we can all learn to tap into.

As I talk more and more to my ‘shrink(s)’ (who are pretty awesome), I am feeling that the things I thought I was supposed to talk about to fix, can be just things that are not the most fun in my life, but they cannot be fixed as I have brought my truth to them and they remain the same.  Perhaps, for now, they are not broken.  Hmmm.   And, I am feeling a big hmmm.

When I feel my mind going to these ‘unhappy’ things, I can acknowledge them, acknowledge how I feel and choose to focus and feel on something happier.  Speak my loving truth about them.  It is nothing I want to ignore because I seem to notice them more when I try to ignore them, or things get loud louder when I try to pretend they are not so.  But to acknowledge, speak my truth and still choose my own peace and love…  this is where the win comes in.

I seem to be liking the wins (you think!) Especially, on the tiny, minute things that coincide with my loved ones’ habits; coincide with people’s way of living; coincide with always having the good with the not so good.

All things, just maybe, are not supposed to be fixed.  But to breathe, let go and move on into a place of peace within.  This, I do have power over.

Hip Hip Hooray.   !   This is big.

May you allow your inner peace, your truth, your love, your loving truth and power to come alive (like how I see Florida rain) whenever your old habit(s) or your old self would want to reign (not favorably) and or pull the reins in not supporting your own peace.   Let your new and happier self breathe peace in and out.  Focus on the good in the situation; the person; the moment.  Participate in this rather than that…

Rain/Rein/Reign Down on YOU the loving peace that you want to experience.  You can.  It is possible.  And, I hope, that you do and will.

May you rain down/rein in/reign on the you that you feel best being…


Good luck.  You are worth the try here.  You are worth your peace.  May you give yourself the piece of you that feels best in each situation.

And so it is.  (Amen).