"Grow Yourself Complete"


Dear God (Your Higher Power)

Please let us feel Your love.  Please let us feel Your presence.  Please help us to be and do better.  Guide us to our best and most loving path to stop the chaos that our world is experiencing.

Help those that are hurting to feel love.  Help those that are love to keep their hearts open and continue to send out love.  Help those that are in the middle of chaos to have the ability to step back and/or out and connect to their own loving grace.

I believe there are so many more humans with loving hearts than not.  I believe we all know and suffer some kind of hardship(s).

May you teach us, show us and empower us to create, live and offer the best of what is available to us to carry on from this moment forward in the most beautiful and fulfilling of ways.

Teach those that are hurting to reach out for help.  Teach those that are hurting to not continue the hurt but to find easier and more loving ways to deal with and process the hurt.  To turn it from pain to lessons and betterment.

Let us be one in togetherness to stop the fighting, the pain, the horrific and the terror as much as possible.

Let us not live in fear.  Let us live from love.  Let us learn to do no harm.

Teach us to create peace and harmony. Teach us to let it deep within each of us so that we may build it and share it and pass it forward.

May we let there be peace on Earth and let it begin from within. 

May You show us to be able to feel our own peace within.   May You enter our hearts and let us know, feel and be the saving grace that we are learning is greatly needed today; everywhere, and throughout the things we are experiencing and in this journey that we call life.

And so it is.


May we learn honor and to be honorable.   May we open to the best of ourselves and each other.

 Picture by Jess