"Grow Yourself Complete"


Right now.   Right here.  Right in this moment.

May you STOP.   May you stop everything that you are doing and just take a deep breathe in and out.  May you feel the chair and/or the ground underneath you supporting you totally.  Sink down into it.

May you relax your shoulders and breathe out the tension from inside your body.  May you just let go.  May you just be for this moment.

May you just notice how and what you are feeling. Just notice.

May you center yourself and ‘Be Here Now’.  In this very breath.  In this very moment.

Notice where you were.  Notice what you were doing.  Notice what was interrupted.  Just notice.  Send it love.  No judgment; only love.  Breathe deeply.

Now, from this quiet and more relaxed place that is You, may you carry on with your day.

You are so special.  You have such great power.  You can come to this place of peace within you anytime you want.  You just have to notice and allow.

May you always take the time to be and come from awesome you!