"Grow Yourself Complete"

Moving It

I found myself doing both pilates and yoga today.  My body feels alive.  My body is so happy.  I feel good about it.  My heart was so happy.  I am grateful that I gave myself both these gifts.  Yay me!

We never hear ourselves saying that we are sorry we worked out.  We are never sorry that we stretched and/or participated in some form of movement to strengthen and show our body love.  We are always happy afterward of giving ourselves the gift of movement.

Movement is a gift.  Movement and exercise enhances our lives.  Of this, I have no doubt.  It releases hormones that make us feel good.  It connects us to our own bodies and minds in a way that only movement can.

May you find yourself moving your body.

May I offer that it doesn’t have to hurt.  I believe it is better if it doesn’t.  May I offer that it can feel good.  I believe it is better if it does.  May I offer to start and meet yourself where you are at and, lovingly, go forward in the movement that feels the best and, perhaps, the most fun for you.

It astounds me that I know I love this.  It astounds me that I know it is good for me.   What astounds me most is that I don’t do it more because it makes me happy and connects me to a true happiness and helps me to be the best me available.

May you open to the best you that is available to you.

May you do some kind of movement today even if it is just marching in place for five minutes.  

If you move regularly, know how awesome you are for doing this.  You rock!

May we always find ways to love, appreciate and give our body what it needs/wants.

Our bodies do thank us for it.

Happy moving!  Yay you!