"Grow Yourself Complete"

Mark Nepo Quote

I am reading a new book by one of my favorite poets and writers, Mr. Mark Nepo.  He is connected to his depth of self and his own spirituality, largely, because of his own experience with suffering through cancer and corresponding surgeries.

The book is called “The One Life We’re Given:  Finding the Wisdom that Waits In Your Heart“.  A very cool name and a meaningful meaning to us all.  !

Mark writes:

“So brave your way on.  You are a blessing waiting to be discovered by yourself.  The wisdom waits in your heart like a buried treasure which only loving your self can bring to the surface.  And loving your self is like diving to the bottom of the ocean with nothing but who you are to find your way.”  Beautiful!

All any of us truly need for this entire lifetime is to be connected to one’s own inner wisdom; awareness of our own life and the wisdom of our own heart.  To be connected by truth and trust.  To share who we deeply are with every situation we find ourselves in.

The wisdom you seek you already have.  It comes inside of you.

Perhaps, when we look at life this way, we can believe that we do come with instructions.  The instructions are deep within and, like most instructions, can be complex and hard to follow, or as we learn not to fear them and open to them, they can be easy, well written and user friendly.

May you be open to your own ‘instruction manual’ to be user friendly as you live with an open heart; an open mind; and truth, trust and love.

In this, we live in fulfillment and ease; gentle strength and empowerment.

When we come from love, we are empowered.   When we come from fear we can often be paralyzed.  Wherever you find yourself on any given day, I believe, we can make a choice to let love lead us.

May you let love lead you to your own inner wisdom and the fulfilling life that you are born to live.  In the deep silence of your self, you will find you…