"Grow Yourself Complete"

Let Love Lead

As we walk through these (what sometimes can be) challenging and unknown times, let love lead.  Let your love take you forward, through and on.

Love is what we can carry with us always.  We come into this world loving and vulnerable.  We are challenged through love; propelled by love; carried by love and changed by love.

We take all our loving connections with us, perhaps, when we leave this physical plane.

The door to our heart swings both outward and inward.  Use this door.  Let it be easily maneuvered.  Let the love inside of you fill you up so much that it becomes easier (and safer) to allow it out in your daily travels.  Within your daily connections.

We have a heart.  We have a brain.  Use both.  If you have confusion, perhaps, it is your brain and heart disagreeing.  Sit with this awhile.  Ask for guidance.  Ask for ‘inner knowing’.  Be open to receive your best answer.  Believe it when you connect to it.  Trust yourself to be okay whatever the outcome because your ‘love door’ flows inwardly open whenever you ask it to.

Instead of worry, allow love.  When feeling worried, send it love.

Feel the love inside of you always expanding.  Know when you pull back or constrict.  It is your choice.

May you trust the process of love and may you trust yourself that as you grow more and more in love with yourself, you can create, get through, allow, and know what is best for you always.  Let love take you to the place(s) you know you belong.

Sometimes, we settle; and if we do and fail, learn and grow and move on to the place that fills you up best.

My wish for you is that you let love lead.  Meet yourself where you are at and let gentle strength take you forward.  Wrap yourself up in love.

  Photo by Janet Galliera