"Grow Yourself Complete"

“Just Be U”

Perhaps, this is you.  Perhaps, you have felt this.  Perhaps, you are ready to let go of this feeling and create a new, empowering one.

Only you can do this for yourself.  You deserve this.  You were born empowered.  You were born with everything inside of you that you need for your lifetime.

These above thoughts feel good on me.  These thoughts resonate deep within me.  I sure wish I was not the only one who could do the work for myself.  I sure know that noone can do it like I can.

I also know that noone can do for you what you can.

May you “Just Be U”…  There is so much awesomeness inside of you.   There may be some ‘muck’ in there from holding stuff in and/or burying it.  But, underneath the muck is brilliance.   The song ‘True Colors’ by Cyndi Lauper comes to mind.  May you let you ‘out’.  By you being you, you empower same in others. You have you. This is my greatest wish.

This ‘work’ is my greatest passion outside of my family.