"Grow Yourself Complete"

Just Be In

I just finished with the groceries and the errands that were on my list to do today.  The weather is very hot and heavy with storms threatening.   This is the usual summer weather forecast here in south Florida.

I feel myself ‘uncalm’.  I feel myself rushing to get done.  I feel myself pushing to put everything in its place.

I haven’t felt calm – easily calm – for a while now; or so it seems.  Many surprises and changes are in the works and it feels like I won’t let calm in until these changes that I foresee happening happen.

I am not the way I want to be in this moment.  I want calm.  I want to allow calm in this and as many moments as possible.

Unless I sit back, breathe and let it happen (invite it to happen) – just now – it will not happen on its own.  This is just the way it is for me now.  This is just the way I am allowing myself to be.

So, as I consciously know this, will I consciously choose to let the calm in.  Just be in these moments with ease, trust, openness and acceptance.

This is what I choose to work on just now.  I offer the calm into my life; my being; my presence and my moments.

May you let the calm into your life; your being; your presence; and your moments…  if this is what you want for you.   Whatever it is you would choose for yourself now, may you just be in ‘it’, whatever ‘it’ is that you want during these current and going forward moments.

I wish it for you.

When our minds are in the future, we can create anxiety.  When our thoughts are in the past, we can create depression.  When we are in the now, we can just be in it.

I wish for you to just be in it…

May you meet yourself where you are at and let love lead you. 

Breathe.  Let go.  Be.