"Grow Yourself Complete"


I come here to my blog wanting to connect to joy.  Wanting to feel joy and in this joy to surrender to who I am, what my life is like, the connections and situations that arise and my true reaction to it all.

As I accept what is, I know peace, joy, happiness, sadness, love, discomfort….

Life is supposed to be the way it currently is, perhaps, or it wouldn’t be so.

How we react to life is the biggest, most meaningful thing to our mind, body, soul, and being.

Today, I choose joy.

Joy in the sound of the fountains,  Joy in watching the water fall over the pebbled barrel.  Joy in the beautiful colors of the flowers and trees.   Joy in the love that is inside of me.  Joy because I am loved.  Joy because I can do so many things.  Joy because I am blessed with so much.

Joy because I love music.  Joy because there is music always available to me.  Joy because I can dance.  Joy because I can pretend I can sing.  Joy because I connect with others and others connect with me.  Joy because I love animals and they love me.

Joy….    what connects you to your joy…   Be/Do this.

May you allow joy in your life in the simplest of things and the greatest of things.   You are joy.  Be joy.