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Hurricane “Matthew”

Hurricane “Matthew” is threatening my area of the United States.  It already has done damage in Haiti and Cuba.  Why do we label these storms with peoples’ names –  it can’t feel good when your name is a storm of destruction for many people.!.

The TV is being blown up with information on the storm.  It surely sounds scary and the possibility of great destruction is imminent.

I was gathering and doing all the ‘right things’ and I was okay.  Then I turned on the news and I wasn’t okay any more.   Yikes!

It is really important to be informed..  But couldn’t we possibly hear the best case scenario with the worst case scenario?!?!

Our human minds are interesting ‘things’.  We can watch them go from calm to freaked in 2.5 seconds (or less!).

I am learning that, as I am aware, my brilliant mind (and yours too)  can be told (trained) to think differently.  How wonderful a revolution that we can choose to be in!  If I am thinking thoughts that hurt me, upset me and even ‘freak’ me, I can change these thoughts to thoughts that calm, help and empower me.  It is that simple if I let it be.

How freaking cool is this!?

May you change your thoughts to thoughts that calm, help and empower you; as often as possible.