"Grow Yourself Complete"

Here. Now. Be.

I am caught up in the Christmas spirit.  I love the Christmas spirit.  And, if I don’t do what is true for me this year, now; as I am, I get caught up period; ‘catched’.

So, for today, I let go of my lists, my desires of doing, and my guilt of not doing.  I am at peace where I am and I know/believe that everything always falls into place.

I bring my open heart and mind with me as I allow the day to unwind into a most precious day.  I connect. lovingly, to the people that show up in my life and I support our world to peace and preciousness.

Perhaps, this is my role just now.  It must be as this is where I find myself.

Without experiencing [and even not experiencing] all that I know, am and breathe, I would not be me.  I am good being me.

So, as my life balances through itself and our world –

I wish you your life balance to be, live, feel, do, and share everything that is you from your most loving of places.

May you get on with you and live all of you as you are here; now; today.  This is what makes you uniquely you.  How lovely thou art!…

May you allow yourself to be blessed and to know blessings.

   “The Lane Spa” decorations