"Grow Yourself Complete"


As I listen to my thoughts, I am aware that I am not always kind to myself.  As I listen to my needs, I realize that I sometimes ignore them.

As I listen, I hear from a place inside of myself that allows what I hear to be blotted by my own beliefs, experiences, and feelings.  Even my learned habits play a role.

I read the other day that we all have energy flowing through us and this energy becomes unique to us because we are the ones translating, passing and experiencing it.  These words felt so true and the meaning stuck with me.

Outside of our self, energy is just energy.  Once entered into our very own domain, this energy becomes a part of us and everything that is us.  It leads us, along with our thoughts and beliefs, down the path that we find ourselves on.

We are this powerful.  We can be this hurtful especially if we are not aware and are on auto-pilot from what we have learned and/or experienced as hurtful in the past.

I want us to be powerful in love and self adoration.  I would like us to listen, examine and let energy be freeing, empowering and supportive.

What do you do with the energy that shows up inside of you…  Do you let it feel good or do you let it hurt you…  May you just be aware.

May you let this energy be empowering, freeing and supportive.   May you let your energy pick you up and give you the gift of your best self.