"Grow Yourself Complete"


‘Here’ as I am typing.   ‘Here’ as you are reading.   ‘Here’ as we both are breathing.

None of us have (really) ever been ‘here’ before.   In this moment.  This is a new moment.  It is always a new moment.

Anything is possible.

Balance, Harmony, Homeostasis, Joy.  I wish these for you.

May you meet yourself where you are at and believe that anything you once thought was impossible is always about ‘Im possible’.   Because You Are.   I believe.

I feel the need to say that it is my honor to write and post with You in mind.

Please, if only to try it out to see how you like it…

May you be your own best friend and take ‘you’ places where you know you want to go and are [from deep within] supposed to go; through the greatest love that is you(rs).

Let yourself be your greatest love ‘here’, in this moment.

 Photo by Tom