"Grow Yourself Complete"


I’m just popping in to say hello and send out love to each and every one of you.

If you are happy today – delve in and feel it!  Be grateful and have fun.

If you are struggling in this moment – be gentle and feel it.!  Perhaps, feel it and let it go.  Process through it while keeping your heart as open as possible.

Trust the process of your life and trust yourself that you can and will handle and walk through everything that life shows you.

I believe it is written in/on our spirit and soul everything we need for this lifetime.  We have survived and moved through everything so far and we will continue to .. until we do not.  There is only one time that we will not survive and there are thousands, maybe even millions of times, that we do.

Focus on what you are telling yourself and do your best to be your own best friend.  Listen with tenderness and respond with compassion.  Treat yourself how it feels good to be treated.  Find the center of your peace and work out from here as often and as much as possible.

Breathe and know that you are, in fact, breathing.  Watch your breath.  Slow it down.  Make it deeper.  Perhaps, even notice how the air may be cooler coming into your body and may be warmer as it leaves your body.  Are you breathing through your mouth…  Are you breathing through your nose…  Are you breathing deeply into your belly or shorter and more shallow breaths or somewhere in between…  Let kindness breathe with you.  Perhaps, relax your shoulders.

I believe that life – each one of ours – is full and runs just how it is supposed to be experienced.

We know and experience joy and happiness, love and fulfillment.   We know and experience trials and issues, emptiness and fear, hurt and pain.

Roll with it.  Love through it.  Experience it all through the most truthful and knowing you.  As you bring your true self to whatever it is that life is offering you today, you live your life the fullest you can.

Enjoy the peaks.  Love through the valleys.  Feel the cozy warmth.  Comfort yourself during the chills.

What you are experiencing is you being human.  It won’t last exactly as it shows itself today.  It will change again and again.

May you stand stead in your loving truth and live the most fulfilling life that is inside of you to live.  

I do believe it is an overall balancing act through one’s whole life and we don’t even have to do anything really but live it.  Each life balances itself through universal and divine knowledge and ways.

As we accept what is with open hearts, what is is loving or whatever/however we choose to react.

May you react as you are [and as you wish yourself to be], not as the situation is, perhaps…

I wish you what you wish for from love and inner knowing.