"Grow Yourself Complete"

Have a Back; Know Miracles

I like it when someone has my back.  I like it a lot when I have my own back.

I like it when we have each other’s backs.

May you have your own back, let people have your back and may you have another’s back.

In this, we live better.

May we live better.

Miracles are real.   Be open to them.   See them.  Feel them.  Be them.   Know them.

They do happen.  They will happen.  They come in all shapes, sizes, places and ways.  They want to come for you.

May you step forward believing that ‘your back’ is supported and everything you need you already have inside of yourself.

Let us support one another to be who they want to be in the best and most loving way they want to be.

May you support yourself to be all that you are inside of yourself and want to be on the outside of yourself.  Baby steps okay.  Birdlike steps ok!  Ha.