"Grow Yourself Complete"

“Grow Yourself Complete”

My new slogan.  “Grow Yourself Complete”  It is ‘growing’ on me!  lol

We are in a Rose Moon.  A full moon.  A Friday the 13th full moon.  This will not happen again until late 2040’s.

“May you allow the ‘petals’ that are of no use to you, to drop away. May you allow the ‘bud’ to open everything beautiful inside of you and bloom.   May you gently connect to what is going on inside of you and “Grow Yourself Complete”.”  Just 9Be U, Facebook page

Today is a great day filled with extra energy.  You may be feeling intensity or surge of activity going inside of you and around you.  I believe ‘truth’ wants to win; wants to be honored.  I believe some of us are doing it the hard way.  I hope some of us are doing it the gentle way.  I pray that as long as we are doing it, we are moving forward into our best selves possible.  I hope you can find yourself doing it the gentle way and, perhaps, even supporting others with your own gentle truth, as you stand in your own truth, of what you are experiencing in each situation you encounter.

May you Just Be U.  May you bring your true self with you wherever you are.