"Grow Yourself Complete"

Good Day

Good Day to You!

I hope that whatever time zone you find yourself in, you are open to easy moments.

Dream.  It is nice to dream.  Dreaming dreams that will stay just that.  And, dreaming dreams that will come to fruition.

Is it up to us…  Just what if it is…

As you dream; feel it, see it, smell it, taste it, hear it, know it – is it coming from your own innate knowing and intuition; is it coming from somewhere outside of yourself; is it just coming…

As you dream, be open to it being a possibility; if you so desire.  As you dream, know that you can manifest it, if you so desire.

Many things in our lives come from premonitions, intuition, dreams and thoughts.  What comes to us, just because, is supposed to be here just as the dreams we dream up and create.

In each ‘small’ moment of our lives that we live, some moments feel wondrous and wonderful.  Other moments, not so good.  We take them as individual moments and bring our feelings up through them a lot of the time.

In the big picture of life, we are full of many different wondrous, wonderful and not so good moments.  This is life; this is living.  Perhaps, this is exactly the way it is supposed to be or it wouldn’t be so.

May you embrace it all from the true feelings, thoughts, and ways of yourself.  As you embrace them all, as best you can, you live a life fulfilled.  My wish is for you to really open up and let yourself experience your own life by and through your feelings, your thoughts, your ways and everything that you are.

Your greatest super power is that you can change what you live, feel, think or surrender to and/or fight with.  I have learned fighting is way harder on me (doesn’t feel good) and I choose to create, surrender and love instead of fight; as often as possible.

May you know what you are experiencing; really know.

You are what matters in each situation because what you bring to each situation is yours to own, to live and to be responsible for.  What you bring is what touches you and every one else involved; for life.

May you wish to “Just 9Be U” through your own intuition and what makes you feel your most innate self.  And so it shall be.

Amen.  Amen means ‘it is so’; ‘so be it’ per Dictionary.com.