"Grow Yourself Complete"

Go Gently or Go Kicking and Screaming

I have this ‘inner knowing’ that our world/the Universe/God is either allowing and supporting us and/or forcing us to live in our truest of truths.   I do believe it is up to us, albeit perhaps not always consciously.

I am seeing this week huge change, growth, challenge and success.  It is time to buckle up and ride into our truth.

It is time to open our hearts and spread the light and share the darkness in our most abled loving way out into our world.

I believe that this is what will support each other, our world and a betterment of same;  our interconnectedness in our individual truth.

It is time.  It is not always easy.  It is, perhaps, one of our biggest unified and individual challenges to date.

And, it just may be the most beautiful gift we humans are ever given here on Earth.

I see and hear of sadness, disconnect, pain, anger and even mind boggling situations.

I know there is peace connected to and within each and every one of us.  Our world, as it was/is, sometimes dissipated this peace somewhat and/or even totally over the years/decades/half centuries, etc.

May you love yourself through; connect to this peace, allow gentleness and empower yourself and others by going ‘there’.  ‘There’ where you haven’t wanted to go.   Connect and discuss the ‘elephant in the room’ and allow truth to set you free.

My so very deep and eternal wish.

Be your best self going forward; for you/for me/for us. Thank you.