"Grow Yourself Complete"

Free Bird

I saw the below the other day and, WOW, I like it!

“Fear is the memory of pain.  Addiction is the memory of pleasure.  Freedom is beyond both.”  Deepak Chopra

How about that!  Fear comes when we think something may be painful and/or embarassing, usually linked to past experiences.

Addiction is created because something once (past experience(s)) gave us a deep pleasure and we want to feel that pleasure again.  However, to recreate or to get the same reaction, I am not sure it is 100% possible.  I am sure that this pleasurable feeling alters.

To be free of fear and addiction is truly freeing.  To let go of and stop holding on to past experiences, emotions and feelings is to be free.  I do believe that this can be done.  I am unsure that it can be done 100%.  I am sure that it can be done to a point that it doesn’t play a role in stopping us from moving forward, being our best self, loving our self, knowing our own great worth and taking up space in our thoughts.

May you be free… one breath at a time.