"Grow Yourself Complete"

Doctor Doctor

I went to a new Rheumatologist (arthritis(scleroderma)) doctor today with the goal of finding and connecting to a (a new ‘my’) doctor here in Florida.  It was interesting as this was a new connection for me.  I was comfortable as I could be with my Pennsylvania doctor after knowing and working with him for over 30 years (on a regular basis).  We worked together to keep me alive and to be able to thrive as wonderfully as I did.

We pretty much started where the other one left off.  However, this new doctor did give me a drug that ‘rubberizes’ red blood cells in hope that my blood will be able to flow better through the small capillaries in my fingertips.

I felt more like a ‘sick person’ during the visit than before I arrived.

I am asked to get a pulmonary (lungs) test; an echocardiogram (heart) test and more blood testing — ‘just to see where we are’.  It is a fine idea.  It is not a fun idea.

I’m settle into my quiet self as I allow this new path to take root within my being.  What feels best for me… What is my greatest path to go down just now…  Where does my ‘wholeness’ want to take me…  How am I in this moment and where do I feel/know/believe I want to be going forward…

May you always live your life through love, gentle strength, awareness and kindness.  Perhaps, this is where our greatest growth happens and our greatest paths open up.  To be true and authentic in every breath we take allows our most true and authentic paths to show up for us.