"Grow Yourself Complete"

Do Better; Together

It is time for our world to do better and stand together in creating our own best selves from our own inner truth and knowing.

There is no place left to hide.  There is no other option on the table than this if we want to thrive as a whole universal system.

I’d sure like to be a part of a whole universal system thriving.  It starts from within.

So, perhaps, the similarities and differences do not matter as much as bringing our best self to the whole.

And, ‘carry forward’.

May you carry your truest of self forward into the wholeness of our universe.  All you need to do is live what is inside of you to live and share it with one another…  Maybe scary and, yet, everything we have/need/truly want is already ours – we only need to stand in the truth of and connect to our whole selves out loud.

Baby steps allowed.

Perhaps, many of us are balancing between our magical self and our pretend, stuck or older version of self.  May you always be open to your own ‘magic’… Let it carry you forward.

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