"Grow Yourself Complete"


I am not feeling ‘it’ this moment.  I find myself agitated and uncomfortable.  Without the awareness of agitation and discomfort, I would most likely stay stuck here and/or ignore where I am at.  Stuck is not an option for me just now.  I will feel it, walk through it, let it go and grow from it.

Perhaps, these feelings are here to stop me in my tracks and offer me a better way or a new path.  Perhaps, by listening, feeling and being one with my feelings, they will lead me to my ‘most best’ and unique path forward.

May you be aware of and allow all of your feelings.  May you feel them, walk through them (with as much love and ease as possible), let them go and grow from them.

It just may be the best way to ‘ride’ this roller coaster called life that we are all here experiencing.

Ride the truth of you to a deeper level of understanding, trust of self [your feelings] and your most best path going forward.