"Grow Yourself Complete"

Best Gift

The best gift you can give to anyone or bring to any situation is your truth; your loving self.

When you bring who, what and how you are feeling/thinking to a person or situation, you are bringing the gift of you.

This enables and encourages others to do the same.

When we come from a place of encouraging kindness whether we are feeling anger, frustration or love, with our intention being to be true and open – this is the greatest of all gifts.

Being true and open is the best gift we, as humans, were given and can give.

Many of us peeps were not taught or encouraged to do this.  I believe this is changing.  And, I also believe that it is the way of the universe now or the universe speaking to us through what we know as life and living [in the now] to offer and encourage this within ourselves.

No more hiding.  No more pretending.  No more letting ourselves be what we are not or be something that we only pretend to be.

Many places and (often) in the family dynamic, many of us have gone astray from the truth of who we are.  Whether it be to ‘keep peace’, to ‘be kind’, to ‘not hurt someone’, to withhold truth for fear of being ridiculed, we have learned to hold back, speak not, share not, pretend so.

Times are changing.  We are changing.  We are learning that to not be our self is harmful and not as productive as to be all that we are.

To speak and show who we are inside.  To let our outside match with our inside.  To live the life that is within us to live…  THIS is where our most powerful and inspiring self resides.

This is the greatest gift we have and that we can be to give.

May you know, be, share, and give your most authentic self to yourself, every person, every situation and to everything.

The time is now.   The time has come.  The gift of you is your purpose for being.  Just what if…

It sure seems to me the uniqueness of you is your superpower, your calling, your offering to others; to life; and to our world.

When we feel seen, heard, loved and attended, the strength of who we are within is the most beautiful and giving to all.

May you feel seen, heard, loved and attended and may you also support others in being seen, heard, loved and attended.

This is what will create our greatest of lives; the best of us living.