"Grow Yourself Complete"


‘When life feels like it is falling apart, it may actually be falling into place’…

How nice this feels to think of the unknown; the changing; the challenging; and the topsy turvy way that life can be, feel and present itself to us as it is falling into place rather than falling apart.

When you are experiencing a lot of change and are uncertain in the ever changing moments, just what if life was falling into place for you instead of falling all apart.  It may actually be doing both but to think that it is falling into place feels more stable and more safe than not.

‘The only thing for certain is change.’

Sometimes we have small moments of positive change.   Sometimes we have weeks and/or months or even years of change that we have to settle or resettle ourselves in.

Sometimes things feel like they stay stagnant or same old same old.

When I look at the big picture of life, it seems to find its balance within.  In each of our lives, we have known happy times.  We have known difficult times.  I have heard it said that life is like a tapestry.  On this side of being human and alive, we see strings, knots and overlapping lines.  Once we leave this human body, we see the other side of the tapestry and it is the most beautiful and clear picture of our life.

It is okay to not know.   It is okay to not feel okay.  It is okay to be in a disheveled way of living.  It is okay to not like it.  It is okay.

I am learning that when I walk through with my truth, my open heart and mind, I am walking through my life as best I can.

I am bringing the best part of me; the part that knows fulfillment and wholeness just because I trust the big picture of life and I know ‘it is what it is’ and even through pain, we are alive and have the ability to choose love as often as possible.

May you choose love; love of self, love of our ability to choose the way we see things, love of our ability to believe in positive possibilities and change; love of others, and love within the moment as often as possible.

May you believe in your own power to know, be and experience love.