"Grow Yourself Complete"


What we believe, we see life from these beliefs.  We experience life from these beliefs.  We live from these beliefs.

If you have a belief in you that hurts; makes you worry and/or uncomfortable, you can question this belief.

Question it in a way to ask yourself if this belief is 100% without any doubt true.  Do I know this to be carved in stone and can’t do anything about…

Usually there is something we can do to challenge the belief, change up the belief and, maybe, even see it in a whole new, more productive and empowering light.

When feeling confused, uncertain or overwhelmed, we can ask ourselves what is our goal in this very moment.  Focus on this moment’s goal.  It brings more depth and calm into our minds so that we can focus to accomplish this current goal.  It gives us a focus to let everything else alone but this current goal.  It can take away the mind’s chatter.

When we are caught in a battle that stresses us or throws us off our game, we can choose to not battle.  We can choose to breathe and be in the moment.  We can be open to see as many sides of this battle as possible.  You are the one responsible to choose to battle or not.  Is your goal peace and calm or is it something else…  Is it love that you want to experience or something else… Again, what are your goals and beliefs…

What we have experienced are what brings us to our beliefs.  What we are told can be turned into our own beliefs.  The more dramatic the experience or statement can be the more tightly we hold on to the belief about it.

When someone speaks on a subject that we already have insecurities about, it can open up and emblazon the insecurity deeper into our being.  Or we can question the truth of what is being offered and what we are connecting to and know that there is a lot of opportunity between white and black and all or nothing.  Perhaps, the peace that will come to us is in the middle somewhere between the most dramatic and our firm or set belief(s).

So many of these kind of things are happening within and around many of us.  What once worked easily, no longer works.  What once was challenging can become easy.  What once wrecked us can strengthen us.  What once gave us contentment needs a new way.  What once was thought as success can look and feel different than before.  Where once there was a place to hide, ignore, sweep under the rug, ignore the elephant in the room are often not options in today’s world.

Perhaps, this is the best time in history to gain our best of selves and follow through from truth, trust, openness, knowledge and instinct.

We are coding and recoding what is.  It can be a challenging time.  It can be a beyond exciting time.

May you trust that you are where you are supposed to be and in these moments as you are now, it is up to you to create, recreate and co-create from what has been written on your soul.

May you follow what brings you joy, lights and lifts you up and envision and create what is inside of you to envision and create from here.

Happy envisioning and creating on.  This can be your time.  You only need to believe.

I believe in you.  I believe in us.  I believe in homeostasis.

May we all choose it, believe in it and be it.

And so it is…

Thank you.

Wishing you the best you possible and may we support each other to connect to, honor, and experience and share the best of who each of us are.

Exciting times.  Own yourself…