"Grow Yourself Complete"

Being Human

This being human and accepting all the human traits and trials is not an easy path always.  It can be trying, uncomfortable, frustrating and, sometimes, it can feel horrible.

I know this is only part of life.  I know there are many things to be grateful for.  I know that things could always be worse.

So, we breathe; we trust the process; we trust our self as best we can.

We do what we can to know and fulfill our desires.

We are all survivors through it all.  Our success rate, thus far, is 100%.  This is pretty good odds. !

May we keep going forward from deep within to the external life that we are here to live.

May this be the time to grow more, learn more, be and to love regardless what is going on in, around and through our selves.

Let our love lead.  Let our truth be.  This is the path that I believe is best for me.

May you look for help, guidance, knowledge, know-how to live this path of your own life from a place of love, trust, allowance, acceptance and wholeness.

May you live your life; your path, from a place of your own inner knowing, heart, instinct, and power.

It is enough.  You are enough.  I am enough.  We are enough.  Enough already.  Live true.

May you create your future thru the steps that are unique to you.