"Grow Yourself Complete"

Anxiously Excited

I have an anxiousness; an excitement whirling around inside of me.  It cannot seem to find a place to land or to dissipate.  It seems to want to stay with me.  Ever-present.

It isn’t the most comfortable place to be and I am trusting that this is exactly where I need to be.

I am open to it being change; transition; transformation of what was to what will be.  I am open to my calm and light rescuing me through what can feel like chaos.

I feel the seat underneath me; the keyboard underneath my fingers; and the floor underneath my feet.

I welcome another day and wonder what wonder it will bring. !

My goal has always been to know peace no matter what else is going on around me.  To be peace no matter what else comes up for me.  To share peace because peace and love are what feels best to me.

Connectedness is where I thrive.  Connectedness through peace and love.  I like the depth of being human.  I like the truth that we are all one as we all come from the same source that brings us breath and life.  This is where I like to reside best.

I am open to residing in my favorite way of life.

May you know what works best for you and be open to living in this as best and as often as you can.

May you innately bloom into the innateness of you.

You are the gift, the answer, the superpower that you are seeking.  Perhaps, this is a true reason for being. I have heard the quote – “What you are seeking is seeking you”.  Just what if the answer is truly and really ‘just being you’… [Accepting you in your divineness; your innateness.]

May you be.  May you Be U.