"Grow Yourself Complete"


As I sit on the plane getting ready for take off, I sit on the plane waiting for take off… ! (Hmmm)   It is a liitle over a two hour flight and I’m thinking of the good ole’ days when flying used to be fun and a happy part of the trip.

I suppose it still can be, but having to have proof of who we are, the rules and regulations, the people in a hurry to get comfortable in their seats dampens the laughter within me.  The laughter that I used to allow/know when flying.  The best I can do is breathe and let be.   I know they won’t leave without me; I feel my own comfort and strength of the seat underneath me and I am grateful it is a 2 hour flight instead of a 1,200 mile car ride.  I sit in my seat and type this blog to you.

I have my seatbelt on, my belongings stored and I plan on reading the book by Carrie Fisher called “Wishful Drinking”.

Thank you for being here as I entertain myself in hopes of entertaining and touching your heart; just maybe.

The flight attendant is starting her spiel as we pull back from Gate B11.

Im heading towards my sister and her family.   Their time to marry the youngest in their family; my beautiful and precious niece.  It all feels right.  It all feels good.  It all feels exciting and happy!! There is going to be a fabulous and loving wedding!!

‘The time has come’!   My husband and I used these words on our wedding invitation as we dated 6 years before we ‘took the plunge’ and got married.  We have been married for 26 years.  We have been exclusive for 32 years!  Yes, I am ‘experienced’.  !

So now, the time has come for my niece to marry the man she has fallen deeply in love with and I proudly, honorably and excitedly get ready to participate and to watch this moment of a lifetime moment!!

When we have good moments in our lives – may we feel them, breathe them, be in them, be open to them and let yourself imbibe in all the glory, astonishment and overall liveliness of said moment(s).  Let yourself open up to the magic in the specialness of each precious moment that is yours.

Being human is living, experiencing and creating moments to witness and dwell in.

So as the plane picks up speed, I’m pushed back into my chair, the plane wobbles and looks for its place in the sky, I realize it is kinda, sorta just like a human trait.

We wobble at times; we get off our [easiest] path sometimes; but we always look for and react to finding our proper and best place ‘in the sky’ for our own lifetime fulfillment.

When we let ourselves fill in any voids; participate in any wobbliness and allow our true flow into the universal flow, we open our wings and fly.

Our best of self is always within us.  Our wings are always available to us.  Our happy and our not so happy is part of the intention of each human life.

May you participate in your lifetime with an open heart, an open mind, kindness and compassion, love and flow and let your time be here now [always now] as you know, speak, share and be the light of your day and the dark of your night.  Allow you to happen just as you do.  Be aware and choose through self-love.

There is beauty in it all.  Your ‘feels’ matter; they can guide you.   Believe in you and trust as much as you can and stay the course of, with, and in the magic of yourself; your inner knowing and your outer doing.   Stay the course of being the best of you in the time that you know as now.

I am flying high now and I wish you to let yourself be, do and live the same.  Flying high with all that you know, are, see, do and create.

Happy flight into yourself.  Happy love from and in your heart. Happy you because you give yourself permission to lovingly be you!!!    Whoop!

Love is in the air even at 31,000 feet!  When my feet hit the ground I plan to be flow and love; love and flow.

Be good to you.  Please.

Find your place and give it all you got.

May you be flow and love; love and flow (to the best of your ability in each moment).