"Grow Yourself Complete"


After a week of deliveries of many broken and lost items.   After two weeks of organizing, setting up and decorating my new home, there is still much to do.  

I’ve had moments of high five-ing and moments of not wanting to get the day started.  There are still many boxes in the house and in the garage that have to be opened and placed.

I feel more calm as I am allowing myself to realize that I am fortunate to have the freedom to get it done as I can and that there is no time constraint necessary.

As I sit at my new desk at my computer in my new office, I look out on a small courtyard.   I imagine a fountain out there.  I see a palm tree and a blue sky with pink in it as dusk is upon us.

I feel air on my arm from the air conditioner and my dogs and cat are laying behind my chair on the floor.

I have yet to find a place for everything.  How interesting it is to find the best places for my animals to eat, play, and hang out.   How interesting it is to see what switch turns on what light and where the outlets are.

I hope you have been well, my friend.  I hope that you are living from your innermost truth and letting it show in each situation you find yourself in.  I hope that you are being kind to yourself and loving yourself so that you can share this love from within without to all you encounter.  It is a beautiful love.

I surely have faltered on it, spoken it, shared it and relayed it in silly and interesting ways this week as I walk the unknown path of newness everywhere.

May you walk the path that is in front of you to walk and may you trust that whatever comes your way, you are able and will know what to do and when to do it when you come upon ‘it’.  I believe in you.