"Grow Yourself Complete"

Achy but not Breaky

Today, I find my arms and legs achy.  As I sit here to type, I am realizing that they are asking to be stretched.  So stretch I will.

I sent out a post this morning that offered to “Tell your mind to love; just love.”

I realized, more deeply than ever before, that as I forgive, let go, and love what I want to forgive, let go, and love, that each of these ‘things’ are so possible.  It is only within my willingness that it can happen.  This is good news and, perhaps, not so good news.

Only I can be willing to forgive, let go and/or love, etc.  No one can do it for me.

I am ready.  I am ready to be free; yet again.  ha!

I speak out loud and look in the mirror and say these words – I forgive; I let go; I love.  I can tell a story about each and everything that I am experiencing.  I can be general and just let the feeling happen.

You can tell a story to each and everything that comes up for you.  You can just choose to let the emotion process and, perhaps, dissolve into, through and gently outside of yourself what you no longer want to hold onto within.                            YOU can do this.

May you know that it is your choice and your choice only.   May you choose YOU.

I heard myself saying – well, I’m not sure that I want so and so (or a certain situation) to have my forgiveness, letting go of and/or love.  I was still pondering that the ‘act’ that hurt me didn’t deserve letting go of and happiness.  Then I realized, I don’t get the letting go and happiness until I let and give it to everything and everyone involved also.  I know that I am ready to deserve and that I do deserve to be happy.  By letting go of any lingering pain, I get happy.  I say ‘happy on’.  What matters is that if I have the power to make myself happy, why would I not choose happy…

What matters is that if you have the power to make yourself happy, why would you not choose same…

Choose happy.  Choose letting go.  Choose forgiveness.  Choose love.  You can always ‘unchoose’ it anytime you want.  But; try it, you just may like it!

It is my wish that you do choose – whatever feels best on and in you.  May you choose it for you and know that without offering the pain and the letting go up, we stay stuck.  ‘Stuck’ is so much more boring than moving on to new adventures, openness, feelings and lovingly reacting to what is true inside of you on the outside of you.

May you tell your mind to love; just love.

Let honor be in da house!  Honor yourself.  Honor others.  Honor situations.