"Grow Yourself Complete"


Life.   My life is centered around me.  What I think; what I know; what I feel; what I do… This is where/what my life is created from.  Your life is centered around you.  What you

Just feeling unsafe; just feeling unheard; just feeling unimportant by one person can affect me greatly.  Some may say I’m too sensitive.  I was often told to grow a thicker skin.  Well, apparently I listened but it did not make me less sensitive.  Ha!

So, as I see this happening and hear others telling me their woes and concerns of their own  –  there is much that coincides with what we are doing and thinking and what our health is like…

May you be aware of what you are thinking and feeling.  If you do not like it, may you stop and change it when you can.   When you cannot, it is okay, you are, perhaps, not supposed to yet.  However, the awareness is the first to show up.

May you stay aware and grow into the relaxed, loving, and awesome person that you were made to be.  Yep, you have it in you.  Of course you do!  Carry it and use all of your greatness.

The Marianne Williamson poem that speaks of not being afraid of our fear as much as we are afraid of our own power; our own awesomeness…   well, there is truth to this for many.    It is time to create your life through your awesome self as much as possible.  My wish.