"Grow Yourself Complete"


I’m a bit overwrought and taken aback.  My ‘Facebook’ newsfeed is showing signs of pain, anger, frustration, hurt, fear and what I feel can be labeled as cruel.

I’m so heavy with all of this truth (as I see it).  Yes, truth will and does set us free.  It also isn’t the easiest thing to face and move through at times.

I have faith.  I have hope.  I have trust that we, as a human race, are more kind; more helpful than not.

I believe ease, peace, love, togetherness will ‘win’.  Pain will lessen as we love ourselves first.  Perhaps, when we fully love ourselves all we can offer is love.

The ‘pained’ ones are the most hurtful ones.  A loving one does not find it so easy to be unloving.  I think…

So, as I sit; create, move and evolve through this ‘loud’ time in our lives, I believe.  I am grateful that I mostly find it easy to believe.

I believe in myself.  I believe in you.  I believe there is love that comes with us when we enter this world in the physical form.  I believe situations, people, thoughts and beliefs can take us away from love; yet, I believe love is still waiting deep inside even when it feels that it is not so easily accessible.

The most hurtful people have a group of people that love them.  The most hurtful people love and need somebody(ies) usually.

May we all connect to our innate love and breathe in and out from this divine place within and without.  May you love yourself and know that we live through pain, with pain, and can get beyond our pain when we connect to our ‘cells’ that have love in them.  Grow your cells that know; connect you to; and that are love.