"Grow Yourself Complete"

Worldly Knowing

I was meditating this morning and,  for the first time, my thoughts expanded past the globe.  They went above into the heavens.  My visualization went into the stars and the galaxies.  I was right there with my vision.

My body cannot travel from coast to coast or across the pond easily.   My mind and thoughts can.

There is a much greater place than our bodies can know, perhaps,   When I stay in the ‘small picture’ of my life – this mere moment where my body is – I, mostly, do not look at the big picture or feel the vastness of it.  So, when I am in in an uncomfortable state for whatever reason, my habit is to want to get out of it, away from it, and not feel it.

I am now choosing (perhaps, again) to be with it, feel it and walk with it to where it wants to take me.  Most of the time, it takes me deeper into my self and deeper into my inner knowing and I can choose to look at the big picture of my life and not allow each moment to be so minute.

This human experience; human life is interesting like all get out.  It is ‘off the chain’.  It is ‘wowza’.  We can know and feel the lowest lows and we can know and feel the highest highs.  And, feeling and knowing this and everything in between is living.  This is life here on earth in human form.

Our cells vibrate and produce energy in our mitochondria.  Our brains process so much and can take in vast amounts of information.  Our senses can lead and guide us to feelings of ease, beauty and love.  They can also take us into fear, hurt and pain.  Anger, I believe, can be a way of also not feeling what is really going on inside of our own self.  We are not taught to easily look within and allow it all to flow.  We are built for it, however.

So, today,  I choose to let what I was ‘built’ as, ‘made’ as, grew into, and ‘am’ to be okay.  To be glorious, as a matter of fact.  I choose to look at the big picture of my life and see the wonder and ease that is always available.  I will feel the pain and the uncomfortableness.  I will grow from it all.  I will speak of and share the same.  I will support you in the exact same way if you wish to walk it.  I will support you in your living.

May you decide, today,  to do, live, be, breathe who you are – all of you.  From your lowest lows to your highest highs and everything in between.  Accept it all as this is your life and no one but you can experience it and understand it and get lost it in but you.  How glorious you are!