"Grow Yourself Complete"

Woman/Man in the Mirror

I have gotten pretty good at looking in the mirror and liking and being proud of the person looking back.   I remember the first time someone suggested for me to do so – I thought they had lost their mind…  I thought – wow are they crazy.  There is no way I can do that.

Now, I can look and say ‘you rock’; ‘you’re awesome’; I love you; you are kind.   I could still use some work on not going directly to the purple spot on the tip of my nose instead of looking at my eyes as the eyes are what I like about myself.   I see wrinkles on my neck.  I often look at the things I wish I could change along with the things that I am okay with.

I am telling myself now that I am going to do better at this.  I am going to focus on and look at the 10 things I like about my looks instead of the 3 things I do not.

May you look in the mirror and tell the person looking back that you have their back – you will never leave them and you will support them and they are enough just as they are.   May this feel true and feel happy on you.

May you work yourself up to complete adoration for yourself in a way that you feel loved by yourself and can, then, easily share this love with the world around you.

Once we are filled up with ‘goodness’ and love, perhaps, the only thing we can share is goodness and love.

Whoop.  Whoop!

 Picture Unknown