"Grow Yourself Complete"

Whole Lotta Lotta

There is a whole lotta, lotta going on…

Many are sick.   Some are in huge change in their lives whether it be on the job front, the home front and/or relationship front.  Some are stuck but know that they no longer can live in the manner that they are experiencing life.  We are all experiencing life.  The good, the not so good; along with the beautiful and the ugly.

Change – huge – lotta, lotta change is in the air.

Much of it is not easy to understand.   It doesn’t feel easy to live through some of the things that we are being asked to live through.

And, yet, each one of us, with everything that we have lived, known and experienced, we get through.   We get by.   We survive.   Our survival rate in this lifetime is 100% so far and this is very good odds to continue on with.  !

May you believe in your life, your self, your process and even your struggles.   May you trust the way you feel and know the way that things are; that everything is leading you into a better, more evolved you.  A more fulfilled and real – from the inside out – you.

What is happening in your life, no matter how difficult, is happening for your overall evolution and transformation.

What you are feeling in this moment; is leading you into a different place than you once were; that you know; that you’ve maybe even ever experienced before.

May you believe that good is happening even when it doesn’t feel so.  Maybe, especially, when it doesn’t feel so.

Change is happening.  Huge change.  Little change.  Lotta, lotta change

May you trust the process of everything that you are experiencing, bring your truest self and feelings into it and be open to create from this sacred and divine place within you, your most sacred and divine life.

May you grow into everything that you are and allow yourself to feel what you feel and not want it to be different from the most trusting and open place within yourself.

This is huge and your life and innate being are ‘huge-r’ and this is right where you belong to share, live, play out and be all that you were born and are here on this planet earth to be.

You and your life matters just as it is and you are perfectly imperfect going forward and becoming and reaching towards the home of yourself that is you.

Yay you.   You are doing good.   Believe in yourself.  I surely do.

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