"Grow Yourself Complete"

Who We are When

Who we are when we are ‘on fire’ is the truest, bestest, brightest, warmest, and burning our most truest version of our self from deep within out.

We feel all sparkly and bubbly.  We feel vibrant and excited.  We feel energy all ‘a-flowing’.  We are at our greatest of self ‘place’ in the universe.

Like Janis Joplin sang, “You know you got it if it makes you feel good”.  We are at a place; a time; a knowing of who we are and we are more sure-footed.  We are more alive as we walk in this plane of our own very existence.  We are possibly growing in leaps and bounds and there is no turning back and we don’t want to.  We don’t want to turn away from the knowledge that we have acquired.  Some of it has come through a lot of blood, sweat and tears; so to speak.  Some of this knowledge is as simple as we don’t know what we thought we once did.  We are sure-footed that we are not as sure-footed as we once thought we were.  This, in itself, is huge.

Change is everywhere.  Many things that were once tradition, are now tradition, but in a new light; a new way, a new manner.  Perhaps, it is best to say a new tradition that is built out of the old ones.

Where goals to succeed were driven by our own desire to accomplish; what we accomplish is desiring happiness within and without more than things we can touch and feel with our hands.  We are now desiring things we can feel with our hearts and minds more than with our hands.  I do still appreciate being able to see and touch beauty too.

Of course, nothing is all or nothing.  Nothing is set in stone that we can’t change our outcome and/or our goals.

Everything is, possibly, mattering more and judged less.

I want to support what brings you happiness.  I want you to support what brings you happiness.

My hope is that more and more of us are incorporating the best that we can be individually, together.

The fullness of life is a vastness of connection.  The fulfillment in one’s self is the vastness of standing strong in our own truth and our own love.

We are trusting the process of life from within because there is less outside of ourselves that we can trust and we are learning that what is within one’s self is our greatest super power and/or our greatest challenge.

My wish is that what you have inside is your greatest super power.  May you let it be so.  May you let You be so.

Embrace the truth, trust and love that is within as we surround ourselves with light, growth and beautiful colors that make us who we best are.

It is time to honor ourselves and each other; more than ever.  Trust the circle of life and be one with it.

May you honor you.  May you honor others.  May you live in honor and success of this honor.  It is huge.  Amen.