"Grow Yourself Complete"

Who are You (who who, who who)

I saw this question this morning.  Who am I?  How do I know who I am?

I’d like to ‘tackle’ this question, if I may.

You are your breath.  You are your feelings.  You are your responses.  You are your challenges.  You are your victories.  This is your ‘human self’.

Your heart feels things.  Your ‘gut’ or ‘inner knowing’ knows things.  Your body moves in a certain way.  Your breath is only yours; however it is shared with the universe.

The universe comes through you as much as you are open to it and even if you are not.

What you love, what you dislike, what allows you to thrive, what gives you a feeling of frustration; your path is inside of you.  There is only one ‘blueprint’ that is you.

Listening, hearing, sitting in silence, doing ‘nothing’…. this is you.

You are everything that is and everything that ever was and everything that ever will be.  You are this awesome.  This is your ‘soul’ self.

If you chose to do nothing ever again – things will come to you and show themselves to you.  You will have ‘things’ to act on, respond to and be.

If you chose to do everything that you possibly can, other things will come to you and show themselves to you.  You will be very active, you will be responding and being.

If you chose to balance between doing everything you can and nothing, you will still be you.

Your human life on this earth is ‘just because’ you have breath.  Your presence is needed or you wouldn’t be here, now, at this very awesome and challenging time.

This is a once in a universal time as we grow into everything that we are together.

Many of us want this; more than not.  We are ready to be our truest of selves as a whole and support each other in doing so.  There is human life that feels hurting and lost.  There is human life that is found and sharing.  There is human life that wavers between the hurt and the loving.  Yet, we all have the ability to share love.  It is our experiences here that we portray who we are through.  Underneath our experiences, we all just want to be loved, matter and feel like we are enough just as who we are.  And, we are.  Truly.

As I allow myself to follow my inner knowing, my truth from within, my love that is me and our love that is everything, my breath brings me from this moment to the next.  My body participates in this life with and without my own participation.  My heart can be shut or can be open and everything in between.  My mind can believe everything that is my experience or it can be open to experience so much more.

This is me.  This is you.

May you “Just Be U” as best you can in this moment as this is the only true moment we really and truly have.

Lead, Follow, and Live On as You.