"Grow Yourself Complete"

When ‘Down’, Love Yourself More

Why is it sometimes when I am not feeling well and I am out and about and with people, that I pretend that I am fine…  Why do I push through the pain and discomfort and carry on as ‘normal’.

I am now trying to love myself more and admit, allow and respect what my body is trying to tell me and listen to my own needs.  If I am having a painful day, I no longer choose to ignore it.  I choose to embrace it and myself.  I am loving myself more.  This is what feels to be my best truth for this moment of my life.

I’m using the energy that I do have to be very aware, love and heal as I pay attention to what my body has been wanting me to know for years.  I still am uncertain as to exactly what this pain is wanting me to know.  I do know that I love the attention I give myself and I feel more fulfilled and loved.  My past reaction(s) would be to ignore the signals of pain from my body on many occasion.

I hear myself saying that I move with the heartbeat of the universe; freely and fully.  I feel myself sleeping and napping some and it feels wonderful.   I feel myself calm and allowing; not judging negatively or berating myself because I’m not doing more/being more or wanting to be like someone else who looks like they have their whole life figured out in ‘happy mode’.

I honor my life as it is given to me; as it shows itself to me.   I flow with what is.  I love myself more.

Yes, I have moments of feeling selfish, but that is my old self, my old records, my old habit of how I treated and talked to myself.  Taking great care of one’s self is not selfish.  Taking care of one’s self is essential.

Today is a new day.   I can love you while I love myself too.   I can honor me and honor your life.  I can support me which enables myself to support others better.  This is where I am now.

Am I ‘down’…    I don’t know.   I may be the most ‘up’ I have ever allowed myself to be.  Being my whole true self with life processing freely and easily through me is what life is all about for me.  Being who I am is the best honor I can bestow upon my Creator, myself and any person that I connect to.

My wish for you is to allow your life to process through you freely, easily, and truthfully.  May you honor yourself in your greatest capacity which honors all of life then.  May you support yourself, which, in turn, will support all of life.

Hurt people can hurt people.   People who love themselves, be themselves, speak themselves and share themselves through the greatest thing in life – love – perhaps, can only be love and share love…

Try it, you and our world just may like it…  I will even go as far as to say love it…

Allowing your life to lovingly flow through you easily, freely and truly is nothing short of a miracle.  Be miraculous.  My wish for you.