"Grow Yourself Complete"

What I Wish for You

May you walk yourself away from your pain and/or things that hurt you and into a new, evolved you.  May you “Grow Yourself  Complete” and be the best you that you have ever had the pleasure to be; to experience; to know.  And, may you, perhaps, allow this so important journey to be fun.


May you let go of what hurts you and be/create what fulfills you.


Life is an interesting dance.  May you one-step or let loose (and everything in between) depending on what the situation allows or warrants.


Possible Mantra:  “What I feel and think is not up to anybody but me.”  May you be able to trust yourself.  May you be kind to yourself.


You are so much more than a label, a feeling, a situation.  Be ALL that you are.  You matter always.  May you get out of your own way and let you live on.  !!  Just live what you feel; what you know; what you want.  Let the judgment; the hindrances go.  Live.


May you trust that you will always know what you need to know at the exact right time you need to know it. 


May you be aware of and feel what is happening in your life right now.  Focus on your own spiritual healing and lessons in your life.  Stand tall and beautiful in the silence and uniqueness of your own being.  Allow yourself freedom to just be what and who you are.  Allow calm.  Allow ease.  Allow truth.   Allow trust.  Allow love.  Allow you.


p.s.  Your wings are ready…


   Flamingo wings.  Photo by Abbas Khasaroh