"Grow Yourself Complete"


I have an extremely important and exciting wedding coming up this 1/7/17.   Wherever I go, the thought of it is with me.

My niece.   My beautiful niece is getting married.

We have done much over the years from infant to full adult and I am so happy, thrilled and proud of her.

She is marrying the man the supports her and I want to say completes her but she is already complete as a woman and as a person.  But to share a life with someone can be such a gift and she has fallen in love with the perfect man for her.  They are complete within themselves and they support this completion.

There is no greater love.  To me, this is what love is.   Loving someone is to support them to be their best and happiest self.  They do this for each other.

She is having a big ‘bash’ and to be able to experience this, feel this, and watch this is what (feels to me) one of my grandest gifts in life.

She is beautiful inside and out.

So, I make plans to get my family there and experience this with them.  There is nothing better than this.

An adventure with love in the air!

May you give, create and allow adventure with love in the air for yourself; as often as possible.  When we are open to it, it comes…

Happy Adventuring with your own open heart and mind.