"Grow Yourself Complete"


The weather here in sunny South Florida, USA, has been beautiful with no humidity, light cool breezes and warm sunshine.

I just want to stay outside and so do my dogs.  We go for extra long walks and breathing is such a delight.

My body gets energized from the perfect composition of ‘happy’ weather.

It is not cold and it is not hot.   It is comfortable.

How we, as humans, love comfort.  Whatever it means to you, I’m thinking you find solace, peace and even enchantment in comfort.  I sure hope that you do.

I think we are most comfortable when we don’t question what is; when we allow what is; when we accept what is and bring our fair self to same.  Comfort – it is a beautiful thing.

May you balance out comfort, joy, your inner knowledge with your outer doing.  May you create balance in the comfort of just being you.

Allow not guilt.   Allow not engaging in discomfort.  Allow balance.   Allow comfort in all that you know and do; as much and as often as you possibly can.

Even when the weather is ‘off’, dreary, dull and/or uncomfortable to you, allow yourself to find comfort in experiencing and opening to what makes you most you; what makes you warmer/what makes you cooler/what makes you comfortable.

Give yourself permission, without anything attached, to open up to comfort as it feels so to/for you.

Comfort on.  Try it, you just might really like it.  And, I’m thinking you know when you are comfortable–your whole body and being feels relaxed and safe.

May you feel relaxed and safe – all of you — every cell.