"Grow Yourself Complete"

Walk Through

Just because life has shown us, thus far, a certain way; a certain way of being, does not mean that it will continue on as so.  The saying “there is a first time for everything” can definitely be said here.

Because your life experiences have been in a such a way that we hold on to a pattern, a discomfort and/or the beliefs that this is how life is does not necessarily mean that this is how it will always be.

There can be a first time.  Maybe, right here, right now, or right around the corner, you will be shown a new and better way.  Your mind will come up with and allow a new and better way.  Life may just be willing to show you a new and better way.

So, we walk on and through.

It often feels like there really isn’t an easy answer to many things; especially if we don’t like any of the options.  However, just maybe, the easiest and best answer is to walk through trusting ourselves.  Let every breath be connected to love; as much as possible.

May you walk through trusting yourself.  It is, perhaps, one of the very greatest gifts we can give to our self.

May you accept where you are, find joy somewhere/someway/somewhat/somehow and sit, crawl, walk, run on…  Whatever it takes.  Be true to YOU.  Amen