"Grow Yourself Complete"


Life has many of us on the ‘verge’.  The verge of changes, discoveries, new ways, awesomeness and challenges.

Life is showing us new ways; better ways.  Some of our old ways and habits are so prevalent, loud and in our face just now.  Perhaps, we must let go of the old way(s) and discover and embrace these new ways that are being presented to us to allow each of our lives to work best.   They are here.  New ways are not only possible, but a necessity.  We only need to believe and to tap into them.

So, being on the verge can be positive.  We can feel, build, create and be more alive from within without into each underlying moment(s).  It can feel like a scary thing.   It can feel like an exciting thing.  We get to choose.

When you find yourself on the verge of anything,

May you choose what uplifts you to carry on and walk your best self into your best situation possible.


 Baby Ducklings with Momma Duck outside my front door.